My name is Savanna, and I'm a self-taught designer and art director. I partner with smart, passionate, open-minded business-owners looking to stand out in their respective industries, using the power of visuals.  

I started this studio as a way to bring my own style of right- and left-brain thinking to projects across multiple industries, from food to fashion to real estate and beyond. With a focus on color, typography, and photography, together we'll tell an unforgettable story about your brand. 

When not working or daydreaming, I like to eat Thai food, plan next Halloween, and bother my old rescue dog.

Based in sunny San Diego, work with people all over the world ☻



Brand Identity

Your brand's visual identity is its history, ethos, and vision – its past, present, and future – rolled into one. Starting with a deep dive into your business, we'll go on to design a cohesive brand identity that attracts and retains your ideal customers.   


Naming a business is like naming a baby that needs to make you money. With a stack of thorough research serving as our foundation, together we'll come up with a business name that's apt, memorable, and different than that of your competitors.

Web Design

Unless your website was intentionally designed to accomplish your business objectives, it's not working as hard for you as it should be. What do you want your visitors to see, feel, and most importantly, do? Together we'll design a website to accomplish those goals.

Print Materials

From business cards to stationery to menus, print will take your brand to the next next next level. With close print management and quality control by yours truly, we'll use color, paper, and carefully-selected finishes to put the cherry on your brand's identity.

Interiors and Signage

Your interior form and function is yet another extension of your brand experience; it's packaging you can do a cartwheel in, basically. This time it's color, texture, and layout telling your story, and together we'll choose a combination that will tell it right.  


"Unboxing" videos are making YouTubers millions, and for good reason. The box, bag, jar, or bottle your customer or client receives is an extension of your brand experience, and builds on the story you're telling. It's also really fun to open something pretty. 

Prop and Wardrobe Styling

Photography is what gives your brand that final shower of fireworks, and good styling is at the heart of it. Whether you're in need of a full lookbook or a few shots for IG, it's research and a solid concept that will inform our styled shoot. (Same city not required!)

Art Direction

Although the term is broad, I don't think art direction needs to be confusing. For you and me, it just means I'll help come up with the overall concept and aesthetic details for your on-brand photoshoots, videos, editorial pieces, and events.



i love working with...

Food & Drink Brands

Fashion & Retail Brands
Service Industries

Anyone who thinks outside the box


Please note:

I do accept select commissions for Prop and Wardrobe Styling and Art Direction (photography can be included).
Please email me directly for more info.