Rosemarine Textiles

While environmentally-conscious ideals are gaining popularity in every industry, the visuals for such well-meaning brands seem to be stuck in the past. "Natural", "conscious", and "ethical" don't have to be synonymous with "bland", and sustainable brand Rosemarine Textiles came to me with the same sentiment. 

Using 100% secondhand and sustainably-sourced materials–like foraged-plant dyes–Rosemarine makes silk ribbons, table runners, cloth napkins, and other textiles for weddings and events. The vendors and brides they work with are looking for a cool, natural alternative to what's out there, and these were the keywords that informed our design process. 

In their own words, "natural color has a special nuance and depth that conventional dyes can't compare to", and we kept this in mind while designing the brand's visual identity. Wanting to avoid the overly-wrought frill-and-lace aesthetic traditional to the wedding industry, we focused on earthy yet unexpected colors, and curated a typography system that's both delicate and sharp.  

year: 2017 | location: detroit, mi | industry: textile

services: brand identity, print

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Contextual Example

Contextual Example