Roundtable Journal

Roundtable is a magazine catering to confident millennial women with an interest in art, politics, and the self. With a new, more focused content direction - and their second issue on the way - the Roundtable team wanted a visual identity that represented all of the above. Considering the wonderfully complex personality of the "RT girl", the goal was to be taken seriously in a competitive market without losing an ounce of character.

By adding contemporary modifications to a classic typeface, the primary wordmark was designed to feel smart yet warm - and to stand out on a crowded shelf. Careful not to come across as too manufactured, the addition of a decidedly-imperfect hand-drawn mark resulted in an authentic and multifaceted identity for an emerging young brand.

year: 2017 | location: london, uk | industry: publishing

services: logo design

Conceptual Mockup

Conceptual Mockup